Sticks & Stones

Open IDEO | Summer 2019

The old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones..." is an iconic example of the natural human instinct to remain physically tough through adversity. However, such tiny things should not break one's bones. Sticks & Stones is a Top 10 finalist idea for Open IDEO’s Healthy Bones and Aging brief, created in partnership with The Bloc’s SVP, Aaron Sidorov. 


Aging changes the way we live, and the healthcare we receive while aging can be a determining factor in that journey. The open brief featured different phases including research, concepting, refinement, and evaluation. 73 ideas were submitted for review, and 24 were advanced to the refinement stage. 

Our process was driven by research. Interviews (5 patient interviews and 3 EMT interviews) showed that patients tend to experience their first fracture, due to fragile bones prior to even receiving a clinical diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Of the 5 patients we interviewed, 4 were diagnosed with Osteopenia and 3 had deep family history of Osteoporosis. The patients we spoke with detailed the clinical conversation void that happens after their first fracture.

The submission not only pitched a concept, but identified and examined the target user, the feasibility of scalability, and measurable metrics. The Sticks & Stones solution both helps more people discover they have osteoporosis, as well as increases access and navigation to care.
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