The Genome Waitlist

Intern Project at The Bloc | Summer 2019

The Genome Waitlist is a three part creative solution— a film, customizable Children’s Book, and microsite, pitched to the Bloc’s client, Illumina, as the summer intern project brief about closing the gap in whole genome sequencing for rare disease diagnosis.


In the final few weeks of summer, ten interns from across different departments at the Bloc agency, worked together to design and pitch a concept to Illumina.

Early iteration of the microsite

Whole genome sequencin looks at a person’s 6.4 billion genes that make up the nucleus, or that make up you. It was easy to get off track in the science or engineering of the topic, but the problem and solution ultimately lay in the democratization of healthcare.

70% of rare diseases go undiagnosed. Increasing the number of whole genome sequences performed would close the gap in diagnosis. The first part of the creative solution, the film, The Bridge would help educate and spread awareness around the issue. 

The second component, the customizable children’s book, would help engage both children and parents in the child’s brave fight against their rare disease and eliminate the fear and questions around and their unknown rare disease and whole genome sequencing. Finally, the microsite serves as a literal visual summation of people not only waiting for their genome sequence, but hopefully a diagnosis as well.
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